Why our Erasmus+ teacher training courses are the best choice

 We are a team of certified teachers and trainers who have brought together decades of experience in courses made by teachers for teachers.

We can assure you that our Erasmus+ KA1 teacher training courses will live up to all your expectations and will fill you with a new perspective.

Join us on our teacher training and fling yourself into an international team.

Do you feel as if motivating others as well as staying motivated is sometimes a challenge? Do you ever find it difficult to teach in a way that is creative, captivating and fun? Do you believe that improving your English speaking and writing skills would facilitate your classroom communications as well as when you are working internationally? Would you like to incorporate technology into your teaching? Is your school facing issues with bullying? Would you like to learn how to destress and unwind?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then our Erasmus+ KA1 Teacher Training Centre is the right place for you. Our team has prepared a variety of courses dealing with various topics of interest, providing different solutions, changing perspectives, broadening horizons and enriching lives in a stimulating international environment.

No matter how many years one spends growing and evolving professionally, it is an experience that is the key component of this development and this is what we would like to share with you.

In a world that is constantly changing we, teachers, the promoters of knowledge, the real influencers of the 21st century, who are preparing students for a future which is already here, are faced with numerous challenges. Let’s face them together with the help of Erasmus+ KA1 Teacher Training Courses!

Allow us to welcome you in the beautiful city of Split, where the beauty of the coast and the sea is breathtaking. We are confident that you will leave with lasting memories and with a range of useful knowledge and experiences that will change your perspective and the way you teach.

The world is evolving, so should we!


Ana Mladina Puljak
Head of Training and Development