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Launched in 2022, the European School Education Platform is the meeting point for all stakeholders in the school education sector – school staff, researchers, policymakers, and other professionals – spanning every level from early childhood education and care to primary and secondary school, including initial vocational education and training. The platform is also home to eTwinning, the community for schools in Europe.

This online multilingual platform is free of charge for all users. Here you can:

  • Stay informed with new content published every week, including opinion pieces by experts, news articles, interviews, current news, and examples of practices.
  • Find resources such as reports from recent research, teaching materials created in European projects and training courses, and the European Toolkit for Schools with material on preventing early school leaving and a self-assessment tool to help you develop your own school activities.
  • Get familiar with funding through the Erasmus+ opportunities, consisting of three practical tools (course catalogue, mobility opportunities directory, and strategic partnership search) to help schools prepare their Erasmus+ applications.
  • Develop yourself with the professional development opportunities such as free online courses, webinars, and teaching materials in collaboration with the EU Academy.
  • Interact, collaborate, and develop projects with other verified school staff in Europe in the eTwinning community.
Building better mental health

Building better mental health and well-being (outdoors)

Improve Your Mental Health and Well-Being. Taking this Erasmus+ KA1 course will help you improve the quality of your life. Furthermore, building good mental health and well-being are essential to living happy and healthy lives. This course is going to teach you that simple changes can make a big difference and improve your quality of life.

improving english language

Improving English Language Skills

Is there a better way to work on your English than in a fun, international environment? This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to use English so that you can talk to your Erasmus colleagues from all over Europe and completely get rid of your fear of using this language. If you wish to improve your speaking skills, learn new vocabulary, revise grammar and learn how to write emails, then this is a perfect course for you! Our innovative, creative and interactive teaching methods are going to make learning enjoyable.

Using technology in the classroom

Using Technology in the Classroom

Make learning interesting and equip yourself with knowledge on how to increase students’ engagement while presenting educational content that is visually compelling and fun. Gain confidence and a valuable outlook on best practices and concrete ways on how to teach your subject through games and gamification. This Erasmus+ KA1 course is aimed at teachers of various subjects and is useful for teaching at all levels.

Sustainability in education

Sustainability in education – introducing green and eco-lifestyles

Rapid climate changes transform our ecosystem and our lives on an extraordinary scale. Global warming may seem inevitable, but there is still time to make an impact on the mindsets of the younger generation, which is why we must take action into our own hands and learn how to educate others about sustainable living.

Critical thinking

CRITICAL THINKING – Developing 21st century skills in the classroom

In this dynamic and interactive course, participants will explore innovative teaching methodologies aimed at cultivating essential 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, analysis, and logical reasoning. Through practical exercises and case studies, educators will gain insights into integrating critical thinking into various subjects and grade levels.

Mindfulness outdoors

MINDFULNESS – Breathing Technique that is changing the 21st Century Classroom (outdoors)

Taking this Erasmus+ KA1 course will help you improve the quality of your life. Good mental health coupled with well-being are essential to living happy and healthy lives. This course is going to teach you that simple changes can make a big difference.

Soft skills

Mastering Soft skills and Growing Emotional Intelligence using Mindfulness

Enhance your soft skills, which are considered crucial for maintaining excellent teaching performance. These are vital skills of the 21st century and they include adaptability, attitude, communication, creative thinking, teamwork, decision making, time management, motivation, critical thinking and conflict resolution. They facilitate work with students with special needs as well as working in mixed ability classrooms.

reduce climate change

Educate – Reduce climate change impact and save the environment

Teachers can play an important role in empowering young people to develop their understanding and attitudes when it comes to climate education. That is why teachers need to reflect on and update their teaching practice. Join this course to learn from experts how schools and teachers can make their part to improve climate education!

Explore the world of Artificial Intelligence – ChatGPT for Teachers

In an era marked by technological evolution, educators and teachers sometimes struggle to keep up with the changes in ICTs, especially in recent years with the development of Artificial Intelligence programs such as ChatGPT. We have designed this innovative and transformative Erasmus+ course held in Split, specifically for teachers to explore and use new AI tools and strategies to make teaching easier.

special needs in education

Special needs and Inclusion in Education

Creating a proper and supportive learning environment for special needs children presents a true challenge for educators. It requires a detailed knowledge of how the students’ learning needs should be addressed and how to support them in their educational path. The emphasis is on students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorder/visual motor deficit, ADHD and identifying the causes of their difficulty in mastering school materials and the necessary adjustments

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