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Dedicated to sharing decades of knowledge, experience and examples of good practice. Helping you bring your classroom into the 21st century.
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Split Croatia waterfront and Marjan hill view – Getty-rev

Split — Amazing meditteranean city with unique surrounding area

Explore 1700 years of Split history, get lost among stone houses of the old town, dive into the clear blue sea and smell the scents under the Mediterranean sun.
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Our Social Programme

Discover incredible sights, visit one of breath-taking natural parks, beautiful islands or cities and learn about our cultural heritage.
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Carlos Murillo Cruz


“ Hi, I’m Carlos, a teacher from Madrid (Spain). I attended to “Game based learning course”. It has been a great experience for me in Split. The teachers have been amazing, they know how to motivate and they are really understandable. We have had the opportunity to visit some schools, highschools and kindergarden to check closer how is the croatian educational system. On the other hand the organization (Maksima) has controlled everything in a perfect way. They have given me all the information that I have needed. I would recommend this course, this organiser and this city. ”


Iuliana Nistor


“ It was a wonderful experience, which I would gladly participate in, the trainers were well prepared, they came with many practical exercises, I met new people with new stories, they worked a lot on teams which made it easier to know and socialization of participants. ”


Palmira Oliveira


“ Nice course. Good teachers and a very nice group of participants from 11 countries. It was interesting to use some technologies to motivate students as well as some strategies like mindfulness and meditation. Split is a wonderful city. ”


Elena Kabranova

North Macedonia

“ The content was presented in very interesting and creative way. There was a lot of interaction and discussion with all of the participants. Everything was presented very clear and we as participants were included through solving problems and sharing our experiences and ideas. A lot of subjects were covered in 5 days lectures and I’m very satisfied with how it helped reaching my goals. We worked in a small groups and we attended different parts of the lectures with different groups. This was very important for me because it helped me to get to know participants from many different countries. We exchanged good practices, experience, ideas and solutions. I made very useful connections with other teachers which is very important for me. The lecturers seemed very competent, experiences and motivated and they were able to keep my interest and motivation to learn. They shared a lot from their own practice which I think was very useful. ”


Pandorka Ilkova

North Macedonia

“ The program and content that I followed was quite interesting for me and with a lot of useful information. The opportunity to participate in such a program certainly enriched my knowledge and broadened my horizons in the field of what I do. Also the opportunity to transfer all this knowledge to my colleagues and students makes me happy. The experiences shared with the other participants also enriched my knowledge. I am satisfied with the approach of the lecturers which was quite inspiring and motivating. ”


Hanna Ropponen


“ This was an excellent course. I liked the way they had included also wider themes than just pure ICT into the course schedule. Because of that I got a deeper understanding of what it means to be a teacher in the 21st century classroom, what are the main challenges teachers all over Europe face and how to overcome them. I also learned to use many new programs and applications that I believe will be useful in my work as language teacher. The teaching staff were great, all real professionals! ”


Ieva Mickevičius


“ It was great course and very nice time in Split with many contries there. We met collegues from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Spain and Romania. We learnt many things and now my collegues and I use very useful tools and good activities with our students. Trainers are very professional and nice with good English. Split and Croatia are beautiful! ”


Franco Nicoletti


“ Very interesting course conducted by trained and available teachers. I’ve improved known strategies and learned new ideas. Split is a very beautiful city to visit when there is free time. I recommend this course ”


Berrak Geneyikli


“ The content, teachers’ quality and environment was very statisfying and we would like to thank you for your kindness and collaboration. Regards from Turkey. ”


Markus Vetterl


“ It was a great course and a fantastic experience! The school staff of the course were very nice and engaged! I will be come again. ”


Carole Fenton


“ I really enjoyed the course. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with colleagues from all over Europe. The yoga instructor was excellent and gave 2 inspiring classes. The lady giving the psychodrama class was also excellent. We also had a very informative talk from a nutritionist. The tour guide Susie gave us a very informative and enjoyable tour of the palace in SPLIT, and we also enjoyed our trip to Trogir with her. It was a lovely way to begin our summer break. ”


Argiris Zafiroudis


“ The course was very helpful for me but also for my profession as I obtained more abilities. The instructors were very friendly and willing to assist every participant. ”


Fatma Aldırmaz Akkaya


“ I think I have overcome my fear of speaking English owing to the course. I think I’ve learned a lot from expert tutorials in a short time. I have new friends from different countries of the world, and I was able to walk through the streets of Split and Dubrovnik, where the magical splendor of history is alive. Thank you for every thing :)) ”


Iljo Trajkovski

North Macedonia

“ Excellent atmosphere, very well organized workshops. Kind and helpful stuff, positive atmosphere during workshops. Open exchange of knowledge with colleagues from other countries. Thank you for very worm and friendly approach. ”


Developing Digital Content

Developing Digital Content and e-Learning Platform

Think critically about the origin and quality of digital content to effectively tackle the issue of fake news, one of most up-to date and relevant topics.
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Cultural heritage education: Experiential learning on the case study of Split, Croatia

Discover the breathtaking cultural heritage of ancient Split, Croatia with our Erasmus+ teacher training course and don’t spend a day in the classroom!
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Outdoor education

Outdoor education

Adult educators and teachers will learn and experience how to teach different skills. Interculturality, personal and social skills through games, drama, and other techniques in outdoor settings.
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Happy Teachers

Happy Teachers make Great Students: The Psychology of Teaching

What makes a good teacher great? A simple smile.
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Improving English language skills

Improving English Language Skills

Improving English language skills is a dynamic and fun course designed to enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking techniques.
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Mindfulness outdoors

MINDFULNESS – Breathing Technique that is changing the 21st Century Classroom (outdoors)

In today’s world, taking care of your well-being is essential in order to properly face life’s everyday challenges, mindfulness. By making small changes you will momentarily notice a significant improvement.
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Critical thinking

CRITICAL THINKING – Developing 21st century skills in the classroom

This course has been designed for 21st century classroom where teachers have the increasing need to develop crucial skills of today. Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.
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Reduce climate change

Educate – Reduce climate change impact and save the environment

Teachers can play an important role in empowering young people to develop their understanding and attitudes when it comes to climate education. That is why teachers need to reflect on and update their teaching practice.
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AEF Maksima
April 3, 2024

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