You’re wondering how to secure funding for your professional development mobility project within Erasmus+ Key Action 1?
Here are a few steps we recommend you follow to get the Erasmus+ grant:

1. Choose among our teacher training courses and pre-register by requesting a form through info@erasmuscoursescroatia.com

This way we’ll reserve a place for you on the course until you inform us if you are definitely attending. For reserving more than one place, you should fill in the form separately for each person or each course.

2. Inform your institution (kindergarten, school, University, etc.) you’d like to attend the course because individuals can not apply for an Erasmus+ grant on their own. Your institution should be registered in the Participant Portal in order to obtain a Personal Identification Code or PIC number essential for the application process as one of the first steps in obtaining an Erasmus+ grant.
For more info visit the Participant Portal or contact your national agency (List of National Agencies). Your institution will be required to submit 2 forms: Legal Entity Form and Financial Identification Form .

3. Fill in and submit the appropriate project application form! In case you’re not sure which application form is right for you to get your Erasmus+ grant, ask your national agency and they will help you choose. Follow your national agency’s guidelines to answer all the questions in the form.

We will be happy to help with the information on course content and objectives, our institution, Croatia and Split.

Do not hesitate to contact us: info@erasmuscoursescroatia.com.

4. When the results on your Erasmus+ grant come in, please let us know if you will be attending the course or not. You are, of course, welcome to pay the course fee with other funding.

For all additional information on rates or other subjects and pre-registration forms, please contact us at info@erasmuscoursescroatia.com