Association for promoting international cooperation and mobility through lifelong learning called Maksima (OID: E10258218, PIC: 893231291) has developed from Erasmus+ Courses Croatia, a non-profit organisation established in 2013 by a group of teacher training enthusiasts wishing to share their experience and knowledge.

Its headquarters is in Split, second largest city in Croatia. Our mission is to promote values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance, increase the quality of youth education and to support development of professional networks across Europe. We are focusing on youth education, training, supporting their professional development and network of youth workers. We organize seminars, training courses, study visits.

We place special emphasis on life-long learning educational programmes and deliver excellent trainings in the field of youth education and development. We have vast experience regarding ERASMUS+ KA1 projects and are always in search of new partners for ERASMUS+ KA2 projects as we would like to expand our field of work.

Since 2013 we have also participated in around 500 Erasmus+ projects as host partner organisation of the European mobility programs and have huge knowledge and experience in this particular field. We have hosted over 10.000 participants from many EU countries and shared as many certificates so far. Erasmus+ staff mobility training courses are at very focus of our trainings, lectures and workshops and we have received positive feedback and have highest ratings and reviews. Our teacher trainings cover a variety of burning topics such as enhancing motivation strategies, developing 21st century skills, working on digital education, creativity in the classroom, introducing technology, bullying prevention, special needs in education, strategies for reducing early school leaving, mastering soft skills and many more – all of the topics that we can work on within our Youth KA1 or KA2 mobility projects.

Since Croatia joined the EU we have also hosted more than 100 interns from all over Europe each contributing to various fields of our institution. Interns gained valuable experience regarding IT, digital marketing, foreign language teaching, methodology, pedagogy, copywriting, graphic design, linguistics, journalism and web design, administration and EU project management.

Our aim is to expand our partner community and to create new experiences, make new friends and to collaborate in future projects.

We are in constant search of new partners wishing to expand our network of colleagues and collaborations.

Both staff and external consultants (over 20 of them) are specialists in their area focusing on Erasmus+ staff mobility training courses for educators from all over Europe.

Over 30 years of teaching excellence, thousands of satisfied students, working with participants from every EU member state and continuous professional development of our team have helped us grow into the leading teacher training centre in the region. Our entire team consists of enthusiastic teacher trainers and young volunteers who are truly passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with fellow teachers and volunteers from all over the world.