Using Technology

Using Technology

Using technology in the clasroom


2019 planned course dates

January 20-26, 2019
February 03-09, 2019
February 17-23, 2019
March 03-09, 2019
March 31 – April 06, 2019
April 14-20, 2019
April 28 – May 04, 2019
May 12-18, 2019
May 26 – June 01, 2019
June 09-15, 2019
June 23-29, 2019
July 07-13, 2019
July 21-27, 2019
August 04-10, 2019
August 18-24, 2019
September 01-07, 2019
September 15-21, 2019
September 29 – October 05, 2019
October 13-19, 2019
October 27- November 02, 2019
November 10-16, 2019


2020 planned course dates

January 08-14, 2020
January 22-28, 2020
February 05-11,2020
February 19-25,2020
March 04-10,2020
March 18-24,2020
April 01-07,2020
April 15-21,2020
May 13-19,2020
May 27- June 02, 2020
June 07-13,2020
June 21-27,2020
July 5-11,2020
July 19-25,2020
August 02-08,2020
August 16-22,2020
September 06-12,2020
September 25- October 01,2020
October 07-13,2020
October 21-27,2020
November 04-10,2020
November 18-24,2020


KA1 Mobility of individuals in the field of education and training – project proposals were due 05 February 2019 check funding deadlines for more 

Using technology is aimed at teachers of any subject, at Pre-Primary, Primary, Elementary, Secondary and High school levels; but it can also be useful to head teachers, school directors and other educational staff.

The course focuses on how you can apply information and communication technology in the classroom. Many teachers are not aware of how many opportunities a digital classroom offers them. This course enables teachers to learn how to use different tools from the online world in their day to day practice. Have you heard of Socrative? How about Khan Academy or Edmodo? Those are all tools that you can easily use in your classroom! What is most important, students are much more engaged in digital classrooms than in ordinary ones!

  • Practice how to make higher level presentations by using Prezi
  • Gain new inspiration for applying digital technology in the classroom for teaching
  • Integrate with teachers from all over Europe
  • Get proficient in using online tools like Kahoot, Socrative, Khan Academy
  • Learn how to benefit from online resources for every subject, such as interactive digital quizzes
  • Learn how to take your classroom from the traditional to the digital age, without changing the curriculum
  • Learn how to use the method of blended learning.


Using technology in the classroom course participants will be given useful links they can study prior to attending. Participants will be given hard and soft copies of the materials used in the course.

Target Group: Teachers (Pre-School, Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Vocational, Adult), Administrative staff, Teacher trainers, Head Teachers, Principals

Course Language: English

Recomendations:Attendees should bring their devices to download other applications for their use. For the best experience, participants are encouraged to use a laptop.

You can download our preregistration from here and reserve places on our “technology in the classroom” course, without obligation.

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