Stress managment burnout prevention

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2019 planned course dates

January 20-26, 2019
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January 08-14, 2020
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November 18-24,2020


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Stress managment burnout prevention is aimed at teachers, headmasters and other school staff.

In today’s busy world avoiding  stress might be a tricky task to achieve. We are surrounded by stressful factors on a regular basis, at work, school, even at home. When stress becomes overwhelming it may lead to serious physical and mental issues. Working for the same company/organization for years can cause burnout and a feeling of disillusionment with your career. Fortunately, it is not a hopeless situation, there are many things that can be done in order to handle stress better and avoid burnout.

Course participants of Stress managment burnout prevention will have opportunity to learn about techniques used in stress management and burnout avoidance.
  • recognize what may trigger your stress
  • find out how stress influences teaching and learning ability
  • learn how to cope with stressful situations and avoid burnout
  • discover meditation techniques and stress management tools
  • acquire knowledge how to help your students face the stress 
  • find fullfilment in your everyday life
  •  exchange your experiences  with European colleagues 

Join our course Stress managment burnout prevention and have an amazing opportunity to learn with our extraordinary lecturers:

📍 Professor Primarius Ivan Urlić, MD, PhD is an outstanding example of a doctor who devoted his whole life to his profession and to his patients, especially to his native Split, not only in professional but also in social activity.
He is a lecturer at several faculties: the Split School of Medicine, the Split Academy of Art, the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Zadar and the University of Mostar, postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Split, Zagreb, Rijeka and Bologna and Palermo; the Head of the Clinical Department for Acute Psychoses where he introduced new therapeutic methods: the therapeutic community and group psychotherapy of psychosis; the founder of Regional Center for Psychological Trauma of the Clinic for Psychiatry of Split; organizor of the Reference Center for Asbestosis and related diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia. In educating not only experts but also expanding populations in the preservation of mental health, recognizing symptoms and mental disorders and the ways and capabilities available in therapeutic and preventive terms, it is a tireless teacher of many generations of medical staff.

Professor Primarius Ivan Urlić









Professor Primarius Ivan Urlić










📍 Dario Čaljkušić, BA, is a graduate psychologist with orientation to developmental psychology. He has graduated on Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR, USA. Dario has many years of experience in teaching profession with children and young adults and is also giving lectures on Stress management and burnout prevention within our teacher training courses where he enjoys in exchanging experiences with colleagues from Europe.

Dario Čaljkušić













📍 Nikola Drviš-Grk, Master of Kinesiology has been practicing yoga on a daily basis since his student days (over 15 years), and he is also the certified yoga instructor. In addition to yoga, he actively practices and teaches the shiatsu method and also attended a series of educations in modern bodywork. Nikola is the Head of Health Support Institute in Split, which performs yoga exercises and workshops, shiatsu and advanced bodywork seminars, tai chi exercises and seminars and a series of various activities designated to support the health of a contemporary man. Nikola gives the best way of unwinding and refreshing of professional and everyday life on an outdoor terrain close to the sea.

Just take a look at this inspiring video 🤩 –

Stress managment

Stress management, learn how to be zen



Target Group: Teachers (Pre-School, Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Vocational, Adult), Administrative staff, Teacher trainers, Head Teachers, Principals

Course Language: English

You can download our pre-registration form here and reserve places on our Stress Management and Burnout Prevention course, without obligation.

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