The story of inspiration, perseverance and dedication to building leading teacher training centre in the region. 

Over 30 years of teaching excellence, thousands of satisfied students, working with participants from every EU member state and continuous professional development of our team have helped us grow into the leading teacher training centre in the region. Mark Twain said “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Our entire team consists of enthusiastic and teacher trainers who are truly passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with fellow teachers from all over the world.

When Croatia joined the EU in 2013 the whole world of Erasmus+ opportunities opened for us and we welcomed the opportunity to contribute to disseminating our expertise and examples of good practice. Having decades of teaching experience ourselves, we perfectly understand all the challenges teachers face today and we are here to make this struggle easier. Our staff was educated at both Croatian and international universities giving us a multifaceted perspective about education methodologies. Our Teacher Training Centre is dedicated to always implementing new and innovative teaching methods that lead to better performance, increase self-confidence and enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills.

Our team has regular meetings and organizes workshops where we consistently work on developing creative hands-on activities and brainstorm ideas to shape practice-driven training courses. Our mission is not only to regularly learn new skills and keep up to date with the latest trends but to evaluate and anticipate new movements in education and to be the trend setters among teacher training centres as well.

Our goal is to always implement models of successful professional development for teaching evolution and to create fun and engaging courses which offer rich opportunities for personal and professional growth. If we are to teach our students about the importance of lifelong learning, we should start with setting an example ourselves.

Join our teacher training courses, and be inspired to take your classroom into the 21st century!